Photo: European Commission

11 Dec. 2010, The International Conference of Joint Research Group "EU Economy" – presentation materials

The International Conference of Joint Research Group "EU Economy" of EUSI in Tokyo

"Who will provide the next Financial Model? Asia's Financial Muscle and Europe's Financial Maturity"

Saturday, 11th December, 2010

Conference Room 307, Faculty Building 3
Kunitachi Campus, Hitotsubashi University

Session Ⅰ Financial regulation

Title : "The EU's Approach to Improving Financial Regulation"
Speaker : Prof. Iain Begg, London School of Economics
Title : "Asia's Approach to Improving Financial Regulation"
Speaker : Mr. Atsushi Mimura, Financial Services Agency

Session Ⅱ Monetary and fiscal policy

Title : "ECB's Policy and Implications of the Worsening Fiscal Balances"
Speaker : Dr. Francesco Drudi, ECB
Title : "Monetary Policy in Emerging Asia: Evolution and Challenges Spanning the Asian and Global Financial Crises"
Speaker : Prof. Akira Ariyoshi, Hitotsubashi University
Title : "China's Monetary/Financial Policy and Financial Sector"
Speaker : Dr. Alicia Garcia-Herrero, BBVA Hong Kong

Session Ⅲ Financial sector

Title : "Competitiveness/Maturity/Stability of Europe's Financial Institutions"
Speaker : Prof. Carlo Altomonte, Bocconi University
Title : "Competitiveness /Maturity/Stability of Japan's Financial Institutions"
Speaker : Prof. Mitsuhiro Fukao, Keio University
Title : "Evolution of Quantitative Easing"
Speaker : Dr. Shigenori Shiratsuka, Bank of Japan

Session Ⅳ Exchange rate system

Title : "Implications for EMU-Integration of Europe‘s Policy Response to the Fiscal Crisis"
Speaker : Prof. Helmut Wagner, University of Hagen
Title : "Regional Monetary Co-operation in Asia"
Speaker : Prof. Eiji Ogawa, EUSI and Hitotsubashi University
Title : "Beyond the Dollar? -A Tentative View of the International Monetary System to 2020"
Speaker : Dr. Paola Subacchi, Chatham House
Title : "Financial Crises, Balance of Payments and Exchange Rate Regimes"
Speaker : Prof. Sahoko Kaji, EUSI and Keio University